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Frequently Asked Questions


How much of each purchase is given to charity?

The actual dollar amount varies depending on the price of the product, but for each order that comes in we give $1 for every $5 spent to the charity that you choose. The money that doesn't go to charity is used for printing costs, artist compensation, and operating expenses.

Who are these artists?

They're people like you who care deeply about doing good and generating some positive change in our world. They also happen to possess some serious design and illustration skills. See The Artists

I'm an artist. How can I contribute to Help Ink?

We're always looking for talented artists who want to use their abilities to help others. Send us a link to your porfolio at We get a lot of submissions, so please don't hate us if it doesn't work out. We love you all.

How do you select your charities?

We choose charities that we are passionate about. If you're passionate about a cause that you'd like Help Ink to feature, please send an email to and let us know about it.

What is a Giclee?

It's French for 'super amazing print'. Ok, not really, but it is a high quality art printing process that is good enough for a gallery wall. It will look really impressive in your home. We promise.

How long will it take to receive my poster?

Printing takes about 3-5 business days, and we print every Wednesday. So, if you ordered before Wednesday, your poster will be ready to ship by the following Tuesday. Actual shipping times will vary depending on how far you are from the Golden State.

My order hasn't arrived yet. I think it may be lost.

Bummer. Well, email us your tracking number and order number to and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you get your order.

Something's just not right with my order. Please help me.

A mishap makes us sad, although certainly not lethargic. Shoot us an email to detailing your problem, and we will proceed to investigate and solve things for you - thoroughly, promptly, and with enthusiasm.

My stuff arrived, but it's damaged! Now what?

Wow. We're so sorry to hear that. We pack your Help Ink order with meticulous care. We take every reasonable precaution against drops, kicks and falls from moving mail trucks. But shipping damage, though rare, does sometimes happen, even to good people. Shoot us an email at and we will proceed to investigate and solve things for you.

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